What are Contractor Pre-Builds


If your contractor uses a flat rate for their services, you can How to Create a Pre-Build and apply this to work orders instead of manually defining the labour and materials. This can be a fixed price for the sum total of the labour and materials provided, or a chargeable rate.

A contractor pre-build can contain labour, materials or a combination of both.

Learn more about contractor work orders in How to Manage Contractor Work Orders.

Set price pre-builds are now referred to as flat rate price pre-builds in simPRO.

US only: If you use simPRO in the United States, the term 'contractor work order' is used instead of 'work order'.

Add a contractor pre-build to a work order

A screenshot of a pre-build in a work order.

To add a contractor pre-build to a work order:

  1. Open the job, then go to Parts & Labour.
  2. Add the contractor pre-build.
    • If you need to adjust the pre-build on the job, click Options > Edit Pre-Build on Job.
  3. Go to Details > Contractor.
  4. Click New Work Order and Create a contractor work order as normal.
  5. The pre-build you have added to the job is listed under Item to Be Performed by Contractor. Select the Contractor to Supply Materials? check box.
  6. Enter the Qty Assigned.
  7. Clear the Schedule Based check box.
  8. Click Save and Finish.