How to Create a Pre-Build


Pre-builds can combine materials and labour, materials only, or labour only as a single billable item to appear on jobs, quotes and invoices. The two main types are standard price pre-builds and flat rate pre-builds, which you can adapt as required by adding images, supporting documentation like brochures, and other attachments.

You can use pre-builds for many functions, including:

Pre-builds can also be a useful feature for your customers who use the customer portal, so they can select the work they need done from a list of pre-builds, for example 'Install double powerpoint', when they request a quote or book a job through the portal. Learn more in How to Set Up the Customer Portal.

Before creating pre-builds you need to create pre-build groups. Learn more in How to Create a Pre-Build Group.

To create pre-builds in bulk, read How to Import Pre-Builds. If you use Simpro Premium in Australia and you use Espro to estimate your projects, see Supplier requirements to learn how to import Espro pre-builds into Simpro Premium.

Flat price pre-builds are also referred to as set price pre-builds in some industries.

You need to have the applicable security group permissions enabled to view and edit pre-build details and pricing. Learn more in Pre-build security group permissions.