How to Set Up the Customer Portal


Through the customerClosed The entity (individual or company) that receives the invoice for work provided. A customer may be associated with multiple sites, for example, if they are a franchise. portal, you can provide your customers with the ability to:

  • View their own quotes, jobs and invoices
  • Pay invoices online
  • View and edit their contact and site details
  • Request quotes and book jobs online
  • View detailed asset information and reports, and search and add assets requiring maintenance to quotes and jobs.

You can set up your customer portal to give customers access to the information and functionality that best suits your business. For example, you may want customers to only be able to view and pay their invoices online, or you may want them to have full access to view their quotes, jobs and invoices and be able to book a quote or job quickly and easily from within their own portal.

When customers request a quote or book a job through their portal, the new quote or job appears in your system and you receive an alert. This saves you time manually obtaining quote and job information from customers and creating quotes and jobs in Simpro Premium, and gives the customer greater control.

Each customer has their own unique login details. Once a customer has access to their portal, they can also create portal login details for as many of their own employees as they require.

Before using the customer portal we recommend ensuring your customer, quote, job, invoice and other information in Simpro Premium is up to date, so the information customers see is correct.