What are Maintenance Pre-Builds


You can create a pre-build to use with Maintenance Planner for two purposes:

  • to invoice preventative maintenance work as a single billable item, or
  • to invoice rectifications for assets that fail testing.

Learn more in How to Create a Pre-Build.

Note that if you charge for maintenance within a contract, you may want to use flat rate pre-builds to ensure the pricing remains as is. Alternatively, use Standard price pre-builds to have the charge rate of an asset service vary, depending on the price of the catalogue items assigned to the pre-build.

After setting up pre-builds, you can link them to the service level of an asset type by selecting them in the Charge Rate field when assigning a service level.

If the price differs by customer, you can set a generic value of zero and use customer contracts to manage customer-specific pricing. Learn more in How to Set Up Asset Maintenance Contracts. These prices can also be modified manually on a job, which is best when you bill customers per asset, per site, per visit.

Pre-builds can also be applied to failure points, which are used for rectification quotes. Learn more in How to Create Asset Types.