How to Create a Description Order


Create a description order to manually enter a Description and price Amount for the items required. This is useful for ordering an item from a supplier that is manufactured to specific measurements, such as a frame, which you can specify in the Description.

As there is no specific field to enter the stock name or quantity needed, you cannot record partially receipted goods.

To create a new description order, follow the instructions below.

A screenshot of a catalogue description order.

  1. Go to Materials A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Create New Description Order.
  2. The default storage device is automatically used. Select a different Storage Device if necessary.
  3. Under Assign To, select whether you are ordering to a Job or to Stock.
    • If Job is selected, search and select the job.
  4. Select a Supplier.
  5. Select a Stage from the drop-down list. You must have the correct security settings to set the purchase order stage to Approved.
  6. Enter Optional information as required.
  7. Enter a Description and Amount.
  8. Go to Attachments to add attachments if required.
  9. Click Save and Finish.

The Forms, Receipts, and Log tabs appear. You can then Email the purchase order.