How to Use Storage Devices


In Simpro Premium, storage devices are physical locations where you store stock or inventoryClosed AU, NZ, UK: Stock. Materials currently in your storage devices. Not to be confused with the catalog., such as a field technician's vehicle, warehouse, shed etc.

In a storage device, you can set minimum levelsClosed When an item in stock (US: inventory) falls below this level, you will receive an alert to restock it. and restock levelsClosed The number of items to order to restock an item when it falls below its minimum stock level., transfer stock from one storage device to another, and perform a stock adjustment or stock take. Learn more in How to Set Minimum and Restock Levels, How to Transfer Stock and Stocktakes and Stock Adjustments.

Use storage devices to organise and allocate stock, including monitoring stock levels, transferring stock to other storage devices and performing stock takes and adjustments. You can also assign a storage device to an employee / contractor.

To increase your stock efficiency, see How to Manage Stock.

To move stock between storage devices, see How to Transfer Stock.

US only: If you use Simpro Premium in the United States, the terms 'inventory' and 'inventory count' are used instead of 'stock', 'stock take', and 'in stock'.