How to Manage Stock


Manage stock in simPRO to efficiently monitor the value, quantity, and location of your stock items. You can then ensure you have the right materials available in your inventory and against each of your jobs.

Stock is organised in storage devicesClosedA location / vehicle / building where stock (US: inventory) is stored. in simPRO. You may wish to have a main, default storage device, such as a warehouse, and then secondary storage devices that contain stock, such as vehicles. These secondary devices can be assigned to technicians in the field in their employee / contractor card files. Learn more in How to Use Storage Devices.

For each of these storage devices, you can add the necessary stock items through a stock adjustmentClosedUS: Inventory count. A correction made to your stock levels to rectify errors and improve stock value reporting. or stocktakeClosedUS: Inventory count. A routine count of your stock (US: inventory) currently in storage., receipting a purchase order, or a stock transfer from another storage device. You can also set minimum levelsClosedWhen an item in stock (US: inventory) falls below this level, you will receive an alert to restock it. and restock levelsClosedThe number of items to order to restock an item when it falls below its minimum stock level. to receive alerts when items need restocking, adjust over allocation, and enable inventory tracking.

US only: If you use simPRO in the United States, the terms 'inventory' and 'inventory count' are used instead of 'stock', 'stock take', and 'in stock'.