Response Times

How to Use Response Times


In simPRO, a response time is the time taken between creating a job and the time of the earliest schedule on that job.

To use response times, they must first be assigned to a customer, then selected when creating a job. If required, you can also provide response time reports to your customers.

When a job has a response time selected, there are two ways that the response time needs to be met:

  1. The earliest schedule created for the job is within the response time
  2. If you use Connect and the scheduled technician has tapped Start Work in Connect within the response time, and then synced.

If neither of these conditions are achieved, then the response time is not met. This includes when the schedule has been created for the correct time, but the technician has tapped Start Work too late.

For example:

  • A customer calls for an urgent job at 9:00am
  • The response time is two hours.

If the earliest schedule starts before 11:00am and the technician taps Start Work before 11:00am and then syncs, the response time has been met. However, if the technician does not arrive at the site and tap Start Work until 11:30, the response time has not been met, regardless of the scheduled time in simPRO.

You can use the Response Times to view what response times have been met.