Create Customers

How to Create Customers


In simPRO, a customer is an entity, such as a company or individual, that receives your invoice for the work performed. You can create multiple customers at once with a customer import or an accounting link initial import, or you can add customers individually.

You can then define settings specific to that customer to make your customer management and workflows more efficient. These include specific response times, payment methods, preferred technicians, and labour and material markups or pricing tiers Enterprise Only, as well as customer profilesA method of labelling customers for easy identification., groupsA method of categorising customers by type for searching and reporting., and tagsA method for categorising jobs, quotes and customers. to categorise and report on customers.

To apply a discount to all quotes, jobs, and recurring job or invoice templates raised against a customer for a specific duration, you can allocate and manage memberships in their card file. Alternatively, you can sell memberships to customers. Learn more in Sell Memberships.

You can also enable customers to access the customer portal so they can view their own quotes, jobs, invoices and tasks Enterprise Only, track and report on their assetsAn item or piece of equipment you service or maintain on behalf of your customer. Customer assets could include items such as fire equipment, air conditioners, security equipment. , edit contact and siteThe physical location where a job is performed. details, book quotes and jobs, and pay invoices online using simPRO Payments. Learn more in Customer Portal.

Learn how to manage customers in Customers.