How to Use Tasks


In Simpro Premium, you can use tasks to keep an interactive to-do list for quotes, jobs, customers, and internal needs.

A customer must be associated with every task. They do not receive any emails or alerts about the task unless they are also assigned as a stakeholder, but are able to view task details if they are using the customer portal with the Tasks menu enabled. If you wish to create an internal-only task, such as 'Update emergency contacts', create a customer card file for this purpose, such as 'Internal tasks' or your own company name.

To view only tasks assigned to you, go to Tasks A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > View. To view all tasks in the system, click the icon next to Search. Alternatively, view tasks in the card file of the customer they are associated with by going to History > Tasks, or in the job or quote they were created in by going to Details > Tasks.

If you frequently carry out the same set of tasks for certain types of quotes or jobs, you may wish to use task templates to save time.

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