Timesheet Module


The Timesheet module is an effective time-tracking / scheduling solution designed for technicians working on site to:

  • Efficiently update and record their labour time for billable and non-billable work in real time
  • Distribute time by allocating hours, or as a percentage of the time worked between multiple cost centres within a single quote or job
  • Duplicate time blocks to record time on behalf of other technicians
  • Upload attachments to sites on a scheduled or assigned quote / job
  • Review and update scheduled or due work for the previous, current and upcoming calendar weeks, online or offline
  • Search for and create new time blocks for all pending and progress jobs and for quotes / jobs scheduled or due in preceding or following 45 days while online
  • Increase business profitability and reporting with improved actual labour costing by easily distributing time between multiple cost centres based on hours or percentage of the time worked
  • Conveniently review worked and scheduled hours for the past, current and following calendar week in the field, with the times report.

If you have access only to the Timesheets module, you receive notifications for:

  • activities
  • message notifications sent from the schedule
  • new / adjusted schedules on project and service quotes / jobs
  • when you are assigned / unassigned to project and service quotes / jobs.

Learn more in Simpro Mobile Settings.

If you update the Simpro Premium Mobile app while you are logged in to it and the Timesheet module check box is enabled in your employee / contractor card, you must perform a pull-down refresh. You can then swipe the screen to the right or tap the menu icon at the top-left corner to access the Timesheet module.