Defaults and Extensions


Adjust your system-wide defaults to suit your business processes.

System Defaults

Set up system defaults to reduce data entry and simplify system processes.

Learn more in How to Set Up System Defaults.

Financial Defaults

Set up accounts and invoicing details shared with your accounting package.

Learn more in How to Set Up Financial Defaults.

Schedule Defaults

Set system-wide defaults for schedules, including how your schedule views are formatted.

Learn more in How to Set Up Schedule Defaults.


Set up extensions for eForms, simTRAC, and other integrations.

Learn more in How to Set Up Extensions.


In Australia, apply STCs and VEECs for solar installation jobs.

Learn more in How to Set Up STCs - AU Only.


In the UK, apply Contractor Industry Scheme (CISClosedUK only: Construction Industry Scheme - contractors register and apply tax deduction rates to customer and / or sub-contractor invoices.) deduction rates to contractor and customer invoices.

Learn more in How to Manage CIS with simPRO - UK Only.


Enable your customers, employees and contractors to access a limited version of simPRO where they can enter their own details about quotes and jobs.

Learn more in Portals.