Stock Reports


Monitor your stock, and stock assigned to jobs, by generating stock reports.

Stock Value

View the value of stock at a specified date.

Learn more in Stock Value Report.

Stock Transfers

View a list of stock transfers.

Learn more in Stock Transfers Report.

Assigned Stock

View the quantities and values of stock items assigned to jobs in the Stock > Allocated sub-tab within the specified date range.

Learn more in Assigned Stock Report.

Stock Required

View either jobs that have not yet been assigned stock, or stock items that have not yet been assigned to jobs.

Learn more in Stock Required Report.

Duplicate Items

View duplicate catalogue items according to either part number or item description.

Learn more in Duplicate Catalogue Items Report.

Inactive Catalogue Items

View catalogue items that are inactive for the number of months specified in the report filter.

Learn more in Inactive Catalogue Items Report.