How to Use Invoice Stages


Many businesses require an invoice to be approved internally before it is sent to customers, to ensure quality and accuracy of billing. To assist with this process, invoices in Simpro Premium can be set to have two approval stages: Pending and Approved. You can also restrict unapproved invoices so only approved invoices can be emailed to a customer.

Pending invoices have no impact on your accounting package, while approved invoices are sent through when exporting data to the accounting package.

Invoice stages can be adjusted for all invoice types: deposits, requests for claim, progress claims, and tax invoices.

Adjust security group settings to control which users can approve invoices. You can also set up invoice value approval limits so users can only approve invoices below specified values.

These stages are optional, and if your workflow does not require invoice approval you can adjust default settings accordingly.

US only: If you use Simpro Premium in the United States, the terms 'progress invoice', 'deposit invoice' and 'final invoice' are used instead of 'progress claim', 'deposit claim', and 'final claim'.