How to Manually Create Assets


Once you have created your asset types, you can manually create individual assets in Utilities A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Customer Assets or within the site card file. Alternatively, you can import an asset list.

You can also create assets in Simpro Mobile. However, if you have purchased and enabled Maintenance PlannerClosed An add-on that tracks customer assets and alerts you when they are due to be serviced., you cannot associate an asset with a customer contract in the field. You need to access Simpro Premium after the asset has been created to add a customer contract and amend service levels as required.

To create asset types if you are maintaining assets using Maintenance Planner, see How to Create Asset Types.

Assets are always directly associated with the site where they are located. If a site is transferred to another customer, any assets on the site are also transferred.