Types of Credit Notes


Raise customer credit notes in Simpro Premium to record credited and voided customer invoices.

You can create two types of credit notes in Simpro Premium:

Credit Note

This is considered a sales returned for accounting purposes and offers customers a discount off the original invoice raised against a job.

You can raise a credit note against the invoice for a partial or full amount, or you can Raise a stand-alone credit note. A stand-alone credit note is not raised against a specific invoice. For a stand-alone credit note, create and invoice a job with a negative-value cost centre equal to the credit value.

You can then fully or partially apply the credit to existing or future invoices.

Learn more in How to Raise a Customer Credit Note.

Void Invoice

You can void the full amount of the invoice if, for example, the invoice has been raised incorrectly. The invoice status is then set to Fully-paid to prevent any payments being applied. The relevant job is then moved from Invoiced to Complete.

Later, you can access and modify the job as required and create a new invoice.

Learn more in How to Void an Invoice.

Consult your accountant on the best practice for crediting and voiding invoices for your business. Requests for claim and unapproved invoices cannot be voided or credited.