How to Use Cost Centres


Cost centres are an integral part of Simpro Premium and are involved in the job and costing process. Use cost centres to separate operational costs and operating services within your business for reporting purposes.

When setting up cost centres, think about how you currently report on your operational costings between various operating services in your accounting package. For example, if you want to report on your profitability for service works and maintenance works separately, you would create a 'Service Works' cost centre and a 'Maintenance Works' cost centre, and assign the relevant cost centres to jobs when you create them.

To break down your reporting even further, cost centres can be grouped together in business groups. Learn more in How to Use Business Groups.

How are cost centres associated with leads, quotes and jobs?

In Simpro Premium, you assign a single cost centre to a lead, and you can assign multiple cost centres to quotes and jobs. For example, you might have a single job site that needs different kinds of labour. Parts and labour are added to each cost centre as required. You also create schedules within cost centres. In project jobs, cost centres are organised in sections.

When a job is then invoiced, the invoice is sent to the relevant account that is specified by the cost centre.