How to Manage Optional Quotes


Use optional cost centres in a quote to provide your customer with options. You can add optional cost centres as an alternative or in addition to your primary, billable cost centres. Only primary cost centres are included on the job once the quote is converted.

For example, you may wish to offer a customer a choice between a cheaper option and more expensive option for the same requested works. In this case, you may wish to add only optional cost centres to the quote. You can then email the quote form to the customer and they can select their quote, which you can then make billable in Simpro Premium and convert to the job.

You can also use optional cost centres as an upsell opportunity to offer customers an extra product or service in addition to the requested works. For example, a customer may request a quote for an installation, which you would add as a primary cost centre. However, you may also wish to offer them a quote for an additional installation, which you could then add as an optional cost centre. Then, if the upsell is successful, you can make the optional cost centre billable and convert the entire quote to a job.

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