With Simtrac, you can monitor your fleet of vehicles in real time. Learn more about other products in Products.

About Simtrac

Simtrac assists with driver safety, gives more accurate reporting on driver activity, and reduces administration.

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Set Up Simtrac

After trackers have been installed in your vehicles, set up Simtrac to monitor your fleet in real time.

Learn more in Set Up Simtrac.

Use the Map

View the map, along with all vehicles, geofences and sites.

Learn more in How to Use the Map.

View Replays

Go to the Replays tab to view vehicle movements on the map over a specified period of time.

Learn more in How to View Replays.

Vehicle Maintenance

Maintain regular scheduling of servicing, inspections and certifications for vehicles.

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Simtrac Troubleshooting

Rectify issues in Simtrac with these troubleshooting steps.

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Simtrac Reports

View reports in Simtrac on vehicle activity.

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Report Subscriptions

Create report subscriptions to receive regular reports.

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