How to Create a Take Off Template


Create take off templates to assist in estimating specific fit outs or jobs. Using take off templates, you can add multiple items and pre-builds to a job / quote at once instead of adding them individually.

Like pre-builds, take off templates combine materials and labour commonly used together for specific jobs. In addition to catalogue items and labour rates, take off templates can combine:

  • pre-builds
  • service fees
  • labour rates
  • one off items
  • other take off templates.

Learn more in How to Create a Pre-Build, How to Set Up Service Fees and How to Create Labour Rates.

Simpro Takeoffs is a separate add-on that allows you to draw a takeoff visually using a plan, add items and update a quote or job with those items. Simpro Takeoffs and Take Off Templates are not currently integrated. Learn more in About Simpro Takeoffs.

When you add a take off template to a job or quote, the different components that make up the take off template are displayed as individual billable items within the job or quote, allowing you to remove unnecessary items and adjust individual fit times, pricing, and quantities as required.

This is useful if, for example, you need to create a quote for the fit out of an entire house. You can simply create a generic take off template including all materials and labour that could be applicable, then add the take off template to the quote, and adjust the specific quantities and labour as required.

You can then view all individual components included in a take off template on an itemised job, quote, or invoice form.

If you wish to prevent specific individual items from being viewed on an itemised form, you can include those items in a pre-build that can then be added to a take off template.