How to Import Suppliers


In Simpro Premium, you can manually add suppliers to the system through People A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Create New Supplier, or save time and reduce data entry errors by importing a supplier list.

Learn more in How to Create Suppliers. To export suppliers in bulk, see How to Export Suppliers.

You can import a separate list of supplier contacts and branches to save time on manual data entry. Learn more in How to Import Supplier Contacts and How to Import Supplier Branches.

If you have not yet gone live with Simpro Premium, you can import suppliers from your accounting package. See Integrate Your Accounting Package with Simpro Premium to learn how.

US only: If you use Simpro Premium in the United States, the term 'vendor' is used instead of 'supplier'.

It is important to have all of your data imported into Simpro Premium to allow you to manage each of your job processes and fulfil all of your reporting requirements. Learn more in Set Up Your Data.