How to Create a Retention Claim


Retention is the percentage of payment held by the customer to ensure the job is completed to specific standards and to safeguard against defects in workmanship.

Retention settings are usually defined at the beginning of a project to ensure amounts are calculated correctly for each progress claim. Learn more in How to Set Up Retention.

When the project has been completed, the final progress claim includes the defined Final Claim Rebate.

When the defined retention Period passes since the Job Completed date, an alert appears in the System menu in Simpro Premium and you can create a retention claim to receive the remaining retention.

For example, if the retention amount was five percent of the contract value and the final claim rebate was set at two percent, the final progress claim would include the two final claim rebate. You would then create a retention claim after the retention period had passed to receive the remaining three percent.

US only: If you use Simpro Premium in the United States, the term 'retainage' is used instead of 'retention'.