How to Use Simpro Payments - NZ only


Simpro Premium Payments (powered by IntegraPay) offers a range of convenient options for customers to pay you on-site, online, or over the phone.

To activate, you need to follow the registration instructions for your country, then make a few final changes to adjust this powerful feature to best suit your business. Learn more in How to Set Up Simpro Premium Payments - NZ only.

IntegraPay is a third-party provider for Simpro Payments. IntegraPay is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard v3.1, which means that payment security is in accordance with the highest level industry standard. By registering for Simpro Payments, you acknowledge that you are submitting your details to a third party, you agree to the Third Party Services clause of the Simpro Premium Terms & Conditions, and you agree to be contacted by IntegraPay. Review Simpro's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Rates vary by country. View your country's Fees and settlement periods information for full rate details.

If you deal with multiple currencies, please note that payments for invoices in multiple currencies or a foreign currency cannot be processed through Simpro Payments.