How to Apply Payment to Invoices


When customers make payments on invoices you have issued them for jobs, you can apply these payments to the invoices in Simpro Premium depending on your security group settings.

Technicians can also process and apply payment to invoiced jobs in the field using Connect.

If you have activated Simpro Premium Payments, you can also apply payments made by credit card in the office over the phone or in the field using Connect, and customers can apply payment themselves online and through the customer portal. See more in How to Use Simpro Payments - NZ only.

To create payments in bulk, see How to Import Payments.

If you handle payments externally from Simpro Premium in your accounting package, it is still important to enter payment details in Simpro Premium so that you can use statements, aged receivables, the accounts dashboard, credit limits on customers, keep track of outstanding invoices, and more.

Once a payment has been applied to an invoice, it is not recommended to edit it or delete the payment, as it may have already posted to your accounting package.