How to Present Options


Using the Quote and Sales module in simPRO Mobile, you can effectively communicate the value of your products and services to your customers. This module enables you to create, build, and present multiple quote options to your customers optimising their preferences for materials, pricing, labour, service fees, and memberships.

Learn more in How to Build Options.

Present multiple options to your customers with different prices and select the option that the customer chooses to proceed to the billing process. Alternatively, tap Bill all Options to access the Billing page directly if the customer is ready to proceed with all options you have built.

If a quote or job is ready to be presented to a customer, a Present icon is displayed beside it on the Schedule in the Quote and Sales module. Tap this icon to directly go to the presentation page. This helps to streamline the quote / job workflow by allowing instant access to present the options that are ready for customers to choose from.

The presentation page showcases all the involved pricing elements with eligible discounts for memberships highlighting savings to your customers. For your customers to have a comprehensive view of the quotes and jobs and other up-selling options, the presentation layout differs depending on whether you are using a phone or tablet. The presentation view on a tablet takes advantage of the larger screen size and provides a clearer view of the pricing breakdown.