Sales Reports


Monitor sales and income with Sales reports.

Sales Forecast

View expected sales on jobs, quotes, and leads for the specified Forecast Year.

Learn more in Sales Forecast Report.


View customer payments applied to invoices, including payment method and receipt date.

Learn more in Payments Report.

Sales Invoices

View invoices created for customers, which can then be narrowed down using specific filters and batch printed or emailed to customers.

Learn more in Sales Invoices Report.

Aged Receivables

View customers with outstanding invoices in 30 day increments with invoices up to over 91 days overdue.

Learn more in Aged Receivables Report.

Item Sold

View a list of items sold or used on jobs, and can include catalogue and / or pre-build items.

Learn more in Item Sold Report.

AU only: STCs

View the number and value of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and, if applicable, Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) collected in the specified date range.

Learn more in STCs Report - AU Only.

UK, IE only: CIS / RCT Deductions

View a simple summary or detailed information on dates paid, amounts, materials, labour and CIS / RCT deducted.

Learn more in CIS / RCT Deductions Report - UK, IE Only.

Sales Tax

View the breakdown of taxes applied based either on cash or accrual to help reconciling with your accounting package reporting.

Learn more in Sales Tax Report - US only.

Income Account

Track income across your business for a period of time, examining income accounts monthly, quarterly or for a financial period.

Learn more in Income Account Summary Report.

Invoice Income

View the breakdown of each invoice which displays the total for each individual income account.

Learn more in Invoice Income Summary Report.