How to Import Xero Data into simPRO


If you have integrated your new simPRO build with your Xero accounting package and all of your contacts are set up in Xero, you can use the accounting link to perform an initial import of your Xero customers and suppliers into simPRO. Learn more in How to Set Up the Xero Accounting Link.

After you have performed an initial import, you need to create / edit all customer, supplier, and contractor card files in simPRO. Contacts created in Xero after completing an initial import will not transfer to simPRO.

If you have a Multi-company build and your companies do not have Shared accounts integration and setup, you need to do an initial import for each company.

You can also import payment transactions from Xero into simPRO. Learn more in Transfer payments.

You can only perform an initial import from Xero to simPRO once. To perform it again, you need to delete all customers and / or suppliers in simPRO. Contact simPRO Support for more information.

US only: If you use simPRO in the United States, the term 'vendor' is used instead of 'supplier'.