Multi-Company FAQs

Multi-Company FAQs


Multi-company is a paid add-on that lets you to set up one simPRO build for separate business entities (companies, franchises, branches, divisions, etc) that share some, but not necessarily all types of information.

Below are answers to our clients' top questions about Multi-company builds: what it is, how it works, how to set up a build, and what you need to know before setting up a Multi-company build. For this article, we refer to entities within a Multi-company build as companies. See Multi-Company Setup for more information.

A business with multiple companies may benefit from a Multi-company build if facing these challenges:

  • Your different companies require separate accounting files, for example, for reporting or regional regulatory purposes.
  • Your companies’ profiles differ in that they have different business numbers or corporate branding.
  • Your workflows vary greatly between the different companies and require a different set of job statuses.
  • In the event you have any third-party integration with simPRO, we recommend you liaise with your integration supplier prior to making the move to Multi-company. Your integration supplier may also review the API Documentation.

A simPRO consultant may also recommend a Multi-company build for alternative reasons.