How to Create Schedule Rates


Create schedule rates in Simpro Premium to keep track of actual costs and manage types of time worked. For example, you may wish to create schedule rates for various levels of overtime, leave, and various activitiesClosed Non-job related billable and non-billable hours. Anything associated with running your business that has an associated labour cost and can’t be charged to jobs..

Additionally, you can create and schedule non-billable schedule rates to a job. This ensures the customer is being charged for the correct amount and the labour costs are being recorded against the job when the job is updated.

Labour rates can then be associated with schedule rates on activities and employee and contractor card files, and can then be used for scheduling in both Simpro Premium and Connect, and in timesheets, specific forms, and reports. To learn about how schedule rates help with payroll, see How to Use Timesheets.

You can only create, edit, archive and delete schedule rates if the applicable permissions have been enabled in your security group.