How to Schedule in Week View


To view schedules in the Week View, to go Schedules A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Week View. Here, you can view the entire week for all employees or one employee at a time. Schedule blocks are scheduled down the page, rather than across like in Day View. Learn more in How to Schedule in Day View.

You can click the name of a resource to open the employee card, contractor card, team or plant item.

You can also click any day at the top of the schedule to see that day in Day View.

Note that if timesheets are locked for the dates you select, you are prevented from creating a new schedule or edit any existing schedules for those dates and in this case a warning message is displayed.

It is recommended that before you create and adjust schedules in Simpro Premium, set your browser Zoom to 100% to avoid any scheduling errors.