Generate reports in Simpro Premium to retrieve and analyse data that help maximise your profit, increase cashflow, and reduce cost to your business.

You can also How to Schedule Reports to automatically receive PDFs of the reports by email at specified intervals.

It is important to remember that Simpro Premium enables you to generate job-based reports that assist you in making informed decisions about the effectiveness and efficiency of your business processes from a managerial perspective. For this reason, your Simpro Premium reports do not match the reports from your accounting package, which provides financial information and reports to governing bodies and business stakeholders.‚Äč

Reports rely on data entered in all areas of Simpro Premium, including jobs, quotes, invoices, and stock purchases, employee, customer, site, supplier, and contractor card files, as well as in many areas in System A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Setup. For example, to generate an accurate and detailed Zone report, you need to ensure you have assigned zones in your employee / contractor card files.

US only: If you use Simpro Premium in the United States, the term 'vendor' is used instead of 'supplier'.

US only: If you use Simpro Premium in the United States, the terms 'inventory' and 'inventory count' are used instead of 'stock', 'stock take', and 'in stock'.