About Schedules


Hover over Schedules A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. to see a range of view options. There are four main views, with an extra view in simPRO:

Day View

A 24-hour view. Resources are listed on the left. Create a schedule by dragging horizontally.

Week View

A seven-day view. Resources are listed in their own sections. The first day of the week is shown as defined in How to Set Up Schedule Defaults. Create a schedule by dragging vertically.

Month View

A month-long view. Displays all schedules for all resources. Useful for companies with smaller workforces.

Project View

Displays project job schedules. Jobs are listed on the left. Schedules can be filtered by a range of options.

Manual View

Based on timesheets. Choose a resource to show their schedules for a chosen week. Use to manually enter hours or add additional schedules.