How to Invoice for Asset Maintenance | Maintenance Planner


Invoice asset maintenance jobs created in Maintenance Planner using a variety of methods to meet customer needs and your business requirements:

This method is useful if you simply need to invoice each Maintenance Planner job for either time and materials, or the service level maintenance pre-builds automatically added to the job.

This method is useful if:

  • The job and invoice frequency for the customer’s asset maintenance are different, for example, monthly maintenance with quarterly invoicing
  • The asset maintenance rates you charge are standard and / or agreed upon with the customer
  • It is impractical to invoice the customer per asset due to the number of assets you maintain on the customer's behalf.

This method is useful if:

  • You need to apply customised charge rates to your service level maintenance pre-builds for specific customers
  • You wish to view the profitability of specific Maintenance Planner jobs separately from the profitability of other work you complete for the customer.

This method is useful if:

  • The asset maintenance rates you charge are only agreed upon for a specific period of time, with a rate review required at the end of that period.
  • You wish to track the nett contract profit of your asset maintenance using the Contract Profitability Report, taking into account the expenses on the Maintenance Planner jobs and the income from the recurring invoices.
  • Assets you wish to invoice per period have service level maintenance pre-builds that are invoiced per job for some customers.