How to Manage Contractor Invoices


In simPRO, contractor work orders are estimated costs. You can calculate actual costs from the rates in the contractor card file when they are scheduled, add as pre-builds or one off items. Learn more about What are Contractor Pre-Builds and Create and add one off items.

When the work is complete and the contractor has sent their invoice to you or agreed to have you create an Recipient-Created Tax Invoice (RCTI), you can:

  • Record the invoice in simPRO to put actual costs against jobs
  • Send the invoice to your accounting package to apply payment.

You can mark the invoice as paid in simPRO when the invoice has been paid in your accounting package.

You can also set up invoice retention for a contractor work order to withhold a percentage of the contract value from the contractor until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

If your contractors use a set rate, you can use pre-builds. Learn more in What are Contractor Pre-Builds.

To learn about creating contractor work orders, see How to Manage Contractor Work Orders.

US only: If you use simPRO in the United States, the term 'contractor work order' is used instead of 'work order'.

US only: If you use simPRO in the United States, the term 'retainage' is used instead of 'retention'.