What Data is Exported to Xero?


You can integrate simPRO with your Xero accounting package to post transactions and card file information directly from simPRO into Xero through the accounting link.

For each transaction below, you can verify what data is transferred between simPRO and Xero. To learn how to set up which transactions export to Xero, see Adjust Xero export options.

To maintain the connection security between simPRO and Xero, your connection is revoked if you remain inactive and another person uses the same XERO login details to:

  • Connect a different simPRO build to Xero on another device
  • Connect another application to Xero
  • Change any of the Xero users settings, for example, passwords or permissions.

To help prevent your connection from being revoked, it is recommended to set up a dedicated user login in XERO to connect your simPRO accounting link.

US only: If you use simPRO in the United States, the term 'vendor' is used instead of 'supplier'.