Service Module


The Service module is designed to save time when processing jobs and quotes in the field.

Use the Service module in the field to access current project information and manage quote / job work in real time. Field technicians can easily create jobs, enter clock in and clock off times, parts used, view / upload linked documents, and email job cards. Other features of this module are listed below:

  • Field staff can manage larger jobs and quotes with ease by accessing the entire project rather than just the cost centres you are scheduled to.
  • You have access to the site work history including all work completed notes recorded by all technicians who worked previously on the site.
  • Technicians can view other technicians scheduled to the job on the same day. Additionally, they can access job and site attachments and upload attachments to jobs and sites, access customer, site and scheduled notes, and the complete job description.
  • The Clock on and Clock off feature helps track time spent on each project.
  • You can track every item used on a job for accurately billing your customers. And, record the relevant schedule rates against travel time within a project.
  • You can use this module seamlessly with the Quote and Sales module to present a quote with multiple options, sell memberships and offer discounts to your customers if you are also assigned the Quote and Sales module licence.
  • You can set up audits in Simpro Premium for the module to be completed accurately with the ability to navigate back and update answers, is required.
  • Technicians can email the job card from the field to ensure all the primary, site or customer contacts are updated after finishing a project.

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If you update the Simpro Premium Mobile app while you are logged in to it and the Service module check box is enabled in your employee / contractor card, you must perform a pull-down refresh. You can then swipe the screen to the right or tap the menu icon at the top-left corner to access the Service module.

If you have access only to the Service module, you receive notifications for:

  • activities
  • message notifications sent from the schedule
  • new / adjusted schedules on project and service quotes / jobs
  • when you are assigned / unassigned to project and service quotes / jobs.
  • times are added or changed on quotes / jobs when the timesheet is locked for the selected date.

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